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Q: When do I need to login?

Users will need to login to leave condolences, post photos or videos on the Tribute Wall or light candles etc. Users are not required to login to view obituaries or other website information.

Q: Why aren’t the condolences I write or the photo and videos I upload immediately viewable?

Once information is posted to the website by viewers it is reviewed by funeral home staff prior to being displayed on the website. This is done to assure that only appropriate and respectful material is displayed on the web pages. Generally uploads and comments are daily and are viewable within 48 hours.

Q: Where do I find information on funerals?

Viewers can obtain helpful information by selecting the “Services and Cremation” tab where they may view a video and guidebook.

Q: What do I need to do to make my own funeral arrangements?

Viewers May request information on funeral preparations and arrangements by selecting the “Prearrangements” tab.

Q: How do I find the obituary, write a condolence, light a candle, and send a picture?

By selecting the “Obituaries” tab, website visitors are able to view recent obituaries in chronological order or can also search the data base by entering the decedent’s name. When an obituary is selected and displayed the user has the option of leaving comments or to post photos and videos in remembrance by clicking on the highlighted “Read More” option. Here there are also options for lighting a candle or leaving a meaningful symbol.

Q: How do I find price information for funeral merchandise such as urns and caskets and itemized price information for funeral & memorial services?

Information regarding funeral pricing and Funeral Merchandise can be obtained by clicking on the “Funeral Merchandise” tab. Here you will be presented with a General Price List which once has been viewed and acknowledged will lead you to individual merchandise images and pricing.

In case of Emergency, contact us at: 802-453-2301